Why not having a band website is holding you back

by | Nov 10, 2020

The potential for what a band website can be is huge, and it’s really up to you (and your budget) as to how grand your plans are.

Whether you’re looking to sell merch, book gigs, connect with your fans or simply showcase your music – a band website design represents opportunity.

With all these possibilities it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

“What are we going to put on there?” “What photos will we use?” “Are we selling merch?”

And there are endless excuses as to why building a band website isn’t a priority.

“We’ll do it once our album has been mastered” or “First we have to finish our music video” or “We already have an Insta page, do we really need it?”.

When there’s plenty of more interesting things that take your time, launching a website for musicians can be an easy project to put off.

But it’s one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to your ongoing success. Here’s why.

1. It will help you book gigs

Projecting a professional image of your band, regardless of the genre of music you play or how wild you go on-stage, is key to booking gigs. Particularly if you’re just starting out, faking it til’ you make it is really important. All websites should have a contact form where people can get in touch and potentially enquire about booking your band.

2. It assists your venue in promoting you

Adding an electronic press kit (EPK) to your site means your booking venue has instant access to your approved images, bio and details about your band. Making life easy for your booking venue or agent is a sure-fire way to being asked back.

3. You become searchable

Nail your search engine optimisation (SEO) and when someone is looking for your band, you’ll be up the top of search results on Google. And if you’re the band that comes up when someone searches “best wedding band Sydney”, guess who’s a good chance of booking that gig?

4. It unifies your online presence

Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube… your band’s digital footprint is probably spread across a mixture of channels. Bringing it all together allows a complete picture of your band. Showcase your Instagram channel, embed your YouTube music videos, link to your music – your website is a one-stop shop.

5. You can showcase your upcoming gigs

One of the best reasons to have a website is let your fans know about where they can see you play. You might have 10 gigs coming up across the country, and each venue is managing ticketing differently. The only way for fans to see all your tour dates would be to display upcoming gigs on your website.

6. It’s super easy

Got a band name, three high quality photos and a bio? If so then you can have your website up and running in a week. So what’s stopping you?

Thinking about building a band website? Do it with a band website template from MusoPages.


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